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Methodist Health Ministries Project Coordinator

Methodist Health Ministries Project Coordinator

Job Title: Methodist Health Ministries Project Coordinator

Starting Salary: $3,500 per month

Hours Per Week: No less than 40 hours per week. Full time non-exempt position.

Reports to: Debbie Bresette, Executive Director

Send resume or letter of interest to -

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

Bastrop County Cares is seeking a dynamic individual to oversee the new “Authentic Engagement for Better Health Outcomes Project” as a servant leader.

The individual will have the ability to:

● Build a replicable community model for authentic and meaningful engagement with

marginalized communities in Bastrop County;

● Enhance access to resources to promote individual, family and community leadership;

● Identify, prepare, promote and support natural leaders across our county, to include

underserved and underrepresented communities;

● Understand and promote inclusion by establishing, providing and preserving safe places for

community leaders to have a voice in the decision-making processes of what is important to

their community and develop a vision that represents diverse voices;

● Develop a larger multilingual leadership in Bastrop County that addresses language barriers; and

● Enhance access to resources to promote individual, family and community leadership.

The individual must have good interpersonal skills and be able to work from a deep understanding of

the social determinants of health, and eliminate barriers to equity for community residents. Program

information about each initiative is provided below.

The ideal candidate is professional, approachable, energetic and supports teamwork; possess

excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to learn along the way. The

candidate must be able to demonstrate effective organizational and time management skill sets, and

work independently with minimum supervision and with a team.

Candidates should have two years of professional experience, preferably in administration and/or

nonprofit environments. This position is a full-time position to be located in Bastrop County. Present

office location is in Bastrop, Texas. Office Hours are Monday-Friday during business hours, with

flexible work-from-home options.

Job Purpose:

Bastrop County Cares (BCC), is a non-profit intermediary organization whose mission is to bring

people together in Bastrop County to collaborate around large community challenges that no single

organization can solve on its own to improve the conditions where our neighbors live, work, play,

pray and learn.

Essential Functions:

Community Outreach (60%)

● Have a direct engagement presence within all areas of Bastrop County with a focus on

disadvantaged often overlooked areas.

● Promote community relationships and connections.

● Identifying community leaders who often have already organized their small communities in

some way in order to improve their lives, emotionally, mentally and physically.

● Identify at least 7 individuals interested in becoming a Community Health Worker in their


● Strategically work with building trust in primarily non English speaking areas in Bastrop county

by identifying trusted leaders and partnership.

● Identify under resourced or unidentified community leaders in the North Bastrop Proper,

McDade, Piney, North Elgin, South Smithville, Stoney Point, and Cedar Creek

● Conduct Inclusion events/activities.

● Hosting at least 6 community conversations in each of those communities

● Be a voice to help promote interaction between the diverse social groups/marginalized


● Promote inclusion by establishing, providing and preserving safe places to lift up community

leaders to have a voice in the decision-making process of what is important to their community

by supporting and allowing them to execute and develop their own strategies.

● Increase the number of Spanish speaking community leaders/organizers.

Administrative and Community Alignment of project (30%)

● Record the process of the work to develop a blueprint of what this model looks like for other

rural Counties.

● Identify resources to build relationships between grassroots community leaders.

● Identifying at least 2 upstream strategies to close equity gaps in partnering. communities to

Increase capacity building opportunities.

● Purchase administrative supplies to fund projects.

● Develop and create a budget to be used for operating costs with feedback from BCC directors.

● Adhere to timeline and grant deliverables.

● Identify strategies and logistics to collect data that documents activities, meetings, training, etc.

● Training and supporting CHWs to ensure they are able to perform tasks.

● Request feedback from the CHWs and BCC Leadership team.

● Develop and schedule forums, unified community projects, community friendly workshops,

meetings, etc. such as personnel and community training.

● Identify program incentives, office supplies and other materials,

● Working in collaboration with other local nonprofits.

● Development of a Community Leadership Team/Commission.

● Support other BCC initiatives in mobilization of needed resources.

Additional/Miscellaneous Duties (10%)

● Produce meeting and event marketing materials.

● Submit purchase orders and manage office supplies, specialty supplies and kitchen supplies.

● Meeting invites, set up zoom, thank yous, engagement activities, reminders and other logistics.

● Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

● Ability to give meticulous attention to detail and quality.

● Consistent communication skills and ability to get tasks completed in a timely, efficient manner.

● Flexibility and problem solving skills.

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

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