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Tumble N Trampoline

Tumble N Trampoline


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Tumble N Trampoline of Paige is located in Paige, TX. Formally known as Tuck N Tumble. We offer a team class for beginners, intermediate, advanced and elite power tumbling as well as recreational classes. Children and teens, 3 years up to 18 years of age may register for power tumbling classes or try out for teams. Antoinette Koch is the Head Coach and Owner of Tumble N Trampoline Power Tumbling. She brings over 10 years of experience from being an athlete herself to coaching. She has a unique ability to bring out confidence in any child! Her coaching goes beyond learning new skills and winning medals. She gives these kids skills that can carry over into their lives, even after they no longer do gymnastics! Tumble N Trampoline of Paige athletes have competed in the Junior Olympics for many years! I've coached them in 2018 ,2019 and 2021 as well as the National Competitions and many regional and state competitions. Call today for more information about registering your child for classes.

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